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    CCNA 2 Chapter 1 2011 V4.0 Answers


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    CCNA 2 Chapter 1 2011 V4.0 Answers 100%

    1. If a router cannot find a valid configuration file during thestartup

    sequence, what will occur?

    The startup sequence will reset.

    The router will prompt the user for a response to enter setupmoe.

    The startup sequence will halt until a !ali confi"uration fileis acquire.The router will "enerate a efault confi"uration file#ase on the last !ali


    The router will monitor local traffic to etermine routin"protocol confi"uration



    Refer to the exhibit. The network adinistrator has configuredthe router

    with the interface I! addresses shown for the directl" connectednetworks.

    !ings fro the router to hosts on the connected networks orpings

    between router interfaces are not working. #hat is the ostlikel"


    The estination networ$s o not eist.

    The &' aresses on the router interfaces must #e confi"ure asnetwor$ aresses an

    not host aresses.

    The interfaces must #e ena#le with the no shutown comman.

    (ach interface must #e confi"ure with the cloc$ rate comman.

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    Refer to the exhibit. #hat can be concluded fro the routingtable output

    in the exhibit? %&hoose two.'

    This router onl) has two interfaces.

    The router interfaces are not operational )et.

    This router is confi"ure to forwar pac$ets to remotenetwor$s.

    The *ast(thernet0+0 an Serial0+0+0 interfaces of this routerwere confi"ure with an

    &' aress an the no shutown comman.

    An &' pac$et recei!e #) this router with a estination aressof 1,-.1-.,.1 will #e

    forware out of the Serial0+0+0 interface.


    Refer to the exhibit. The frae shown in the exhibit was receivedb" the

    router. The router interfaces are operational. )ow will therouter processthis frae? %&hoose two.'

    The router will chan"e the source an estination &' aress inthe pac$et #efore

    forwarin" the frame.

    The router will chan"e the frame t)pe to one supporte #) the ANlin$ #efore

    forwarin" the frame.

    The router will use the estination /AC aress to etermine whichinterface to

    forwar the pac$et.

    The router will loo$ up the /AC aress of the S0+0+0 interface inthe A' ta#le an

    a it to the frame #efore forwarin".

    The frame was recei!e on the *a0+0 interface of the router anwill #e switche to the

    S0+0+0 interface.

    The frame was recei!e on the S0+0+0 interface of the router anwill #e switche to

    the *a0+0 interface.
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    .#hich are functions of a router? %&hoose three.'

    pac$et switchin"

    etension of networ$ se"ments

    se"mentation of #roacast omains

    selection of #est path #ase on lo"ical aressin"

    election of #est path #ase on ph)sical aressin"


    Refer to the exhibit. /ll routers have a route in its routingtable to each

    network that is shown in the exhibit. 4efault routes have notbeen issued

    on these routers. #hat can be concluded about how packets areforwarded

    in this network? %&hoose two.'

    &f outerC recei!es a pac$et that is estine for itwill #e forware out

    interface *a0+0.

    &f outerA recei!es a pac$et that is estine for1,2.17-.8.1476 it will #e forware out

    interface S0+0+1.

    &f outer9 recei!es a pac$et that is estine for 10.5.2:.156it will #e forware out

    interface S0+0+1.

    &f outer9 recei!es a pac$et that is estine for 1: will #e forware out

    interface S0+0+0.

    &f outerC recei!es a pac$et that is estine for 1, will #e forware out

    interface S0+0+1.15.
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    The serial connection shown in the graphic needs to beconfigured. #hich

    configuration coands ust be ade on the "dne" router to

    establishconnectivit" with the 6elbourne site? %&hoosethree.'

    S)ne);confi" ip address 251.155.*$.2 2**.2**.2**.5

    S)ne);confi" no shutdown

    S)ne);confi" ip address 251.155.*$.1 2**.2**.2**.22(

    S)ne);confi" clock rate *-555

    S)ne);confi" ip host 6elbourne 251.155.*$.2


    Refer to the exhibit. #hat can be concluded fro the output ofthe

    running7configuration of a router?

    The passwors are encr)pte.

    The current confi"uration was sa!e to NVA/.

    The confi"uration that is shown will #e the one use on the netre#oot.

    The commans that are ispla)e etermine the current operation ofthe router.

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    Refer to the exhibit. )ost / pings host 8. #hen R( accepts theping into

    the 9thernet interface, what two pieces of header inforationare

    included? %&hoose two.'

    source &' aress? 1,2.17-.10.12,

    source &' aress? 9999.8888.57::estination &' aress?1,2.17-.10.88

    estination &' aress? 1,2.17-.10.184

    estination /AC aress? ,,,,.@[emailprotected]

    1$.#hat is the outcoe of entering these coands?

    1;confi"=> line vt" 5 ( 1;confi" password check12$

    1;confi" login

    ensures that a passwor is entere #efore enterin" user ((Cmoe

    sets the passwor to #e use for connectin" to this router !iaTelnet

    requires chec$128 to #e entere #efore the confi"uration can #esa!e

    creates a local user account for lo""in" in to a router orswitch

    1(.#hich of the following is the correct flow of routines for arouter


    loa #ootstrap6 loa &OS6 appl) confi"uration

    loa #ootstrap6 appl) confi"uration6 loa &OS

    loa &OS6 loa #ootstrap6 appl) confi"uration6 chec$harware

    chec$ harware6 appl) confi"uration6 loa #ootstrap6 loa&OS

    1*.#hat three processes does a router execute when it receives apacketfro one network that is destined for another network?%&hoose three.'

    ecapsulates the a)er 8 pac$et #) strippin" off the a)er 2 frameheaer

    uses the estination /AC Aress in the &' 3eaer to loo$ up thenet

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    uses the estination &' Aress in the &' heaer to loo$ upthe net

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    #hich interfaces in the exhibit could be used for a leased line#/

    connection? %&hoose two.'







    25. :ro what location can a router load the &isco I+ duringthe boot

    process? %&hoose two.'

    A/T*T' ser!er


    setup routine

    *lash memor)


    21./ network adinistrator has ;ust entered new configurationsinto

    Router1. #hich coand should be executed to saveconfiguration

    changes to cop" running7config flash

    outer1;confi"=> cop" running7config flash

    outer1> cop" running7config startup7config

    outer1;confi"=> cop" running7config startup7config

    outer1> cop" startup7config running7config

    outer1;confi"=> cop" startup7config running7config
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    22.#hat is the default sequence for loading the configurationfile?

    NVA/6 *AS36 O/

    *AS36 T*T'6CONSO(

    NVA/6 T*T'6 CONSO(

    *AS36 T*T'6 O/

    2$.#hat header address inforation does a router change inthe

    inforation it receives fro an attached 9thernet interfacebefore

    inforation is transitted out another interface?

    onl) the a)er 2 source aress

    onl) the a)er 2 estination aress

    onl) the a)er 8 source aress

    onl) the a)er 8 estination aress

    the a)er 2 source an estination aress

    the a)er 8 source an estination aress

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    Examen CCNA2 v4.0 Captulo 1

    !"amen CCNA2 #4.0 Cap$tu 1

    1. Cnsute a presenta&i'n. (espu)s de *ue e hst 2 es&ne&tad a swit&h de a +AN, estinhabiitad para&muni&arse &n e hst 1. -Cu es a &ausa de esteprbema

    a. +a ms&ara de subred de hst 2 es in&rre&ta.b. Elhost 1 y el host 2 se encuentran en redes diferentes.&. !swit&h ne&esita una dire&&i'n / *ue n est&niurada.d. +a intera +AN de ruter y e hst 1 se en&uentranen redes dierentes.e. +a dire&&i'n / de hst 1 seen&uentra en una red dierente *ue a *ue se en&uentra a

    intera +AN de ruter.2. i un ruter n en&uentra un ar&hi##id de &niura&i'n durante a se&uen&ia deini&i,

    -*u) &urrea. e #ue#e a ini&iar a se&uen&ia deini&i.b. El router le indicar al usuario que d una respuestapara entrar en el modo de

    configuracin.&. +a se&uen&ia de ini&i se detienehasta *ue se ad*uiere un ar&hi# de &niura&i'n #id.d. !ruter enera un ar&hi# de &niura&i'n pr dee&t apartir de a 5tima &niura&i'n

    #ida.e. ! ruter mnitrea e tri& &a para determinar sre*uisits de a &niura&i'n de

    prt& de enrutamient.3. Cnsute a presenta&i'n. -A *u)&n&usi'n se puede ear a bser#ar a taba de

    enrutamient de a presenta&i'n 6!ia ds p&ines8.a. !steruter s' tiene ds intera&es.b. +as intera&es de ruter a5n nestn perati#as.

    &. !ste ruter est &niurad para reen#iar pa*uetes a redesremtas.d. Las interfaces FastEthernet0/0 y erial0/0/0 de esterouter fueron configuradas con una

    direccin !" y el comando no shutdo#n.e. $n paquete !" reci%idopor el router con una direccin de destino de 1&'.1'.&.1ser

    reen(iado fuera de la interfa) erial0/0/0.4. -9u) inrma&i'nde dire&&i'n de en&abead &ambia un ruter en ainrma&i'n *ue re&ibe

    desde una intera !thernet &ne&tada antes de *ue setransmita a inrma&i'n a traintera

    a. s' a dire&&i'n rien de Capa 2b. s' adire&&i'n destin de Capa 2&. s' a dire&&i'nrien de Capa 3d. s' a dire&&i'n destin de Capa 3e. ladireccin origen y destino de *apa 2. a dire&&i'n rien ydestin de Capa 3:. -Cues sn as un&ines de un ruter 6!ia tresp&ines8.a. conmutacin de paquetesb. e"tensi'n de sem*nts dered&. segmentacin de los dominios de %roadcastd. seleccin de lame+or ruta %asada en un direccionamiento lgicoe. see&&i'nde a mer ruta basada en un dire&&inamient $si&;. !administradr de red ne&esita &ne&tar ds rutersdire&tamente a tra#)s de sus puerts

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    a. dire&t 6straiht=thruh8b. transpuest&. de cone,incru)adad. seria7. >n administradr de red a&aba de inresarnue#as &niura&ines a ?uter 1. -9u)

    &mands se deben ee&utar para uardar s &ambis en a&niura&i'n a NV?A@

    a. ?uter1 &py runnin=&ni ashb. ?uter16&ni8 &pyrunnin=&ni ash&. ?uter1 &py runnin=&nistartup=&nid. -outer1config copy runningconfig startupconfige.?uter1 &py startup=&ni runnin=&ni. ?uter16&ni8&py startup=&ni runnin=&niB. Cnsute a presenta&i'n.ds s ruters tienen una ruta en su taba de enrutamient para

    &ada red *ue apare&e en a presenta&i'n. +as rutas prdee&t n se han emitid en estsruters. -9u) &n&usi'n sepuede sa&ar sbre a manera en *ue s pa*uetes se reen#$an enestared 6!ia ds p&ines8.

    a. i ?uterC re&ibe un pa*uete destinad a 10.:.1.1, sereen#iar uera de a intera

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    b. esta%lece la contrase>a a utili)ar para conectar esterouter (ia :elnet&. re*uiere inresar &he&K123 antes deuardar a &niura&i'nd. &rea una &uenta de usuari&a para &ne&tarse a un ruter swit&h13. -Cu es ase&uen&ia pr dee&t para &arar e ar&hi# de&niura&i'na. NV?A@,

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    a. ! baan&e de &ara se prdu&e &uand un ruteren#$a e mism pa*uete a dierentes redesde destin.

    b. ! baan&e de &ara se prdu&e &uand se en#$a amisma &antidad de pa*uetes a tra#)s derutas estti&as ydinmi&as.

    &. El %alanceo de carga permite que el router reen(Bepaquetes a la misma red de destinoa tra(s de (arias rutas.

    d. E!D-" admite %alanceo de carga con distinto costo.e. ie"isten #arias rutas &n dierentes m)tri&as a destins, eruter n puede admitir baan&ede &ara.

    20. -Cues sn as ds airma&ines *ue des&riben&rre&tamente s &mpnentes de unruter 6!ia dsp&ines8.

    a. +a ?A@ ama&ena de manera permanente e ar&hi# de&niura&i'n utiiad durante ase&uen&ia deini&i.

    b. La -A< contiene los diagnsticos e+ecutados en los mdulosde hard#are.&. +a NV?A@ ama&ena una &pia de respad de/G usad durante a se&uen&ia de inicio.d. La memoria Flashno pierde sus contenidos cuando se reinicia.e. +a ?G@ &ntiene a#ersi'n ms a&tua y ms &mpeta de /G..

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    *hapter 2

    1.Ghich of the follo#ing is true regarding *=" and the graphicsho#nH

    C( runnin n ?uter ( wi ather inrmatin abut ruters A, E, C, and!.

    7y default6 -outer #ill recei(e *=" ad(ertisem*nts from routers7 and *.

    / ruters ( and ! are runnin dierent rutin prt&s, they wi nte"&hane C( inrmatin.

    ?uter ! &an use C( t identiy the /G runnin n ?uter E.

    2. Ghich address can %e used to summari)e net#orCs


    172.1;.0.0 2::.2::.2::.24B

    172.1;.0.0 2::.2::.2:2.0


    -efer to the e,hi%it. Io# #ill pacCets destined to the192.13.0.0 net#orC %e for#ardedH

    -outer1 #ill perform recursi(e looCup and pacCet #ill e,it0/0.?uter1 wi perrm re&ursi#e Kup and pa&Ket wi e"it0D1.

    here is n mat&hin intera&e ass&iated with netwrK172.1;.0.0 s pa&Kets wi be drpped.

    here is n mat&hin intera&e ass&iated with netwrK172.1;.0.0 s pa&Kets wi taKe ateway ast resrt

    and e"it ut 0D2.

    5. static route that points to the ne,t hop !" #ill ha(e #hatadministrati(e distance and metric in the

    routing ta%leH

    administrati#e distan&e 0 and metri& 0

    administrati#e distan&e 0 and metri& 1

    administrati(e distance of 1 and metric of 0

    administrati#e distan&e 1 and metri& 1

    8. Iosts on t#o separate su%nets cannot communicate. :he net#orCadministrator suspects a missing

    route in one of the routing ta%les. Ghich three commands can %eused to help trou%leshoot Layer 4

    connecti(ity issuesH *hoose three.


    shw arp


    sho# ip route

    shw &ntrers

    shw &dp neihbr


    -efer to the e,hi%it. Ghich static route should %e configured on-outer1 so that host #ill %e a%le toreach host 7 on the

    ip rute 1F2.1;B.0.0 172.1;.0.0 2::.2::.0.0

    ip rute 172.1;.0.0 2::.2::.0.0 1F2.1;B.0.1

    ip rute 172.1;.0.0 2::.2::.0.0 0D0D1

    ip route 0/0/0

    9. Ghich of the follo#ing are displayed %y the -outer sho# cdpneigh%ors commandH *hoose three.



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    local interface

    '. Ghy is it ad(isa%le to enter a ne,thop !" address #hencreating a static route #hose e,it interface

    is an Ethernet net#orCH

    Addin the ne"t=hp address eiminates the need r the ruter t d anyKups in the rutin tabe bere

    rwardin a pa&Ket.!n a multiaccess net#orC6 the router cannotdetermine the ne,thop sin a ne"t=hp address in a stati& rutepr#ides a rute with a wer metri&.

    /n muti=a&&ess netwrKs, usin a ne"t=hp address in astati& rute maKes that rute a &andidate deaut



    -efer to the e,hi%it. Ghich set of commands #ill configurestatic routes that #ill allo# the Ginter"arC

    and the ltamonte routers to deli(er pacCets from each L? anddirect all other traffic to the !nternetH

    Ginter"arCconfig ip route 1&2.13'.153.1

    ltamonteconfig ip route'.153.2

    ltamonteconfig ip route s0/1

    MinterarK6&ni8 ip rute 1F2.1;B.14;.1

    Atamnte6&ni8 ip rute 2::.2::.2::.01F2.1;B.14;.2

    Atamnte6&ni8 ip rute 1FB.1B.222.0 2::.2::.2::.2:: s0D1

    MinterarK6&ni8 ip rute 172.1F1.;7.0 2::.2::.2::.01F2.1;B.14;.1

    MinterarK6&ni8 ip rute 1F2.1;B.14;.1

    Atamnte6&ni8 ip rute 2::.2::.2::.01F2.1;B.14;.2

    MinterarK6&ni8 ip rute 172.1F1.;7.0 2::.2::.2::.01F2.1;B.14;.1

    Atamnte6&ni8 ip rute 2::.2::.2::.01F2.1;B.14;.2

    Atamnte6&ni8 ip rute s0D0

    10. Ghat happens to a static route entry in a routing ta%le #henthe outgoing interface is not a(aila%leH

    :he route is remo(ed from the ta%le.

    he ruter ps neihbrs r a repa&ement rute.he rute remains inthe tabe be&ause it was deined as stati&.

    he ruter redire&ts the stati& rute t &mpensate r thess the ne"t hp de#i&e.


    -efer to the e,hi%it. Di(en the output in the e,hi%it6 ho# #oulda clocC rate %e determined for this linCH

    he rate wud be netiated by bth ruters.

    A rate wud nt be see&ted due t the (C!D(! &nne&tinmismat&h.

    he rate &niured n the (! determines the &&Krate.

    :he rate configured on the =*E determines the clocC rate.

    12. Ghich piece of information is a(aila%le from e,amining theoutput of the command sho# ip

    interface %riefH/ntera&e speed and dupe"

    /ntera&e @>


    /ntera&e @AC address

    !nterface !" address

    14. Ghat t#o de(ices are responsi%le for con(erting the datafrom the G? ser(ice pro(ider into a

    form accepta%le %y the routerH *hoose t#o.

    the seria prt the ruter

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    a modem

    a swit&h

    the ethernet prt the ruter

    a *$/=$ de(ice

    a (! de#i&e


    -efer to the e,hi%it. Ghat t#o commands are required to pro(ideconnecti(ity %et#een the 1&2.13'.1.0

    and net#orCs #ithout requiring recursi(e looCupH *hooset#o.

    config ip route s 0/1/0

    A6&ni8 ip rute 2::.0.0.0 172.1;.40.2

    A 6&ni8 ip rute 2::.0.0.0 s 0D0D0

    7config ip route 1&2.13'.1.0 s 0/0/0

    E 6&ni8 ip rute 1F2.1;B.1.0 2::.2::.2::.0 172.1;.40.1

    E6&ni8 ip rute 1F2.1;B.1.0 2::.2::.2::.0 s 0D1D0

    18. router has one static route configured to each destinationnet#orC. Ghich t#o scenarios #ould

    require an administrator to alter the static routes that areconfigured on that routerH *hoose t#o.

    :he destination net#orC no longer e,ists.

    he destinatin netwrK is m#ed t a dierent intera&e n the sameruter.

    he path between the sur&e and destinatin is upraded with ahiher bandwidth inK.

    he remte destinatin netwrK intera&e has t be dwn r 1:minutes maintenan&e.

    topology change occurs #here the e,isting ne,thop address ore,it interface is not accessi%le.

    13. net#orC administrator enters the follo#ing command into-outer1; ip route 1&2.13'.0.0 0/1/0. -outer1 then recei(es a pacCet that isdestined for 1&2.13'.0.22/25. fter finding

    the recently configured static route in the routing ta%le6 #hatdoes -outer1 do ne,t to process the


    drps the pa&Ket be&ause the destinatin hst is nt istedin the rutin tabe

    Ks up the @AC address the 0D1D0 intera&e t determine thedestinatin @AC address the new rame

    perrms a re&ursi#e Kup r the / address the 0D1D0intera&e bere rwardin the pa&Ket

    encapsulates the pacCet into a frame for the G? linC andfor#ards the pacCet out the 0/1/0 interface


    -efer to the e,hi%it. company net#orC engineer is assigned toesta%lish connecti(ity %et#een the

    t#o Ethernet net#orCs so that hosts on the su%netcan contact hosts on the

    su%net. :he engineer has %een told to use only static routingfor these company routers. Ghich set of

    commands #ill esta%lish connecti(ity %et#een the t#o Ethernetnet#orCsH

    ?16&ni8 ip rute 2::.2::.2::.0 1F2.1;B.0.1

    ?26&ni8 ip rute 2::.2::.2::.0 1F2.1;B.0.2

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    ?16&ni8 ip rute 2::.2::.2::.0 1F2.1;B.0.2

    ?26&ni8 ip rute 2::.2::.2::.0 1F2.1;B.0.1

    -1config ip route 1&2.13'.0.2

    -2config ip route 1&2.13'.0.1

    ?16&ni8 ip rute 2::.2::.2::.0 1F2.1;B.0.1

    ?26&ni8 ip rute 2::.2::.2::.0 1F2.1;B.0.2

    ?16&ni8 ip rute

    ?26&ni8 ip rute


    -efer to the e,hi%it. Ghat is the significance of the /' in theroute to the net#orCH

    /t indi&ates that there are B hps between this ruter and the10.0.0.0 netwrK.

    /t represents the time, in miise&nds, it taKes r a pin trepy when sent t the netwrK.

    /t indi&ates that there are B subnets in the destinatinnetwrK t whi&h the ruter &an rward pa&Kets.

    !t indicates the num%er of consecuti(e %its6 from the left6 inthe destination !" address of a pacCet that

    must match to use that route.


    -efer to the e,hi%it. Ghat t#o commands #ill change the ne,thopaddress for the' net#orC

    from to 1&2.13'.1.2H *hoose t#o.

    A6&ni8 n netwrK 2::.0.0.0 172.1;.40.2

    A6&ni8 n ip address 2::.0.0.0 172.1;.40.2

    config no ip route

    A6&ni8 ip rute 2::.0.0.0 s0D0D0

    config ip route 1&2.13'.1.2

    20. Ghich t#o statements descri%e functions or characteristicsof *="H *hoose t#o.

    !t starts up automatically and allo#s the de(ice to detectdirectly connected neigh%or de(ices that use


    /t perates at the netwrK ayer and aws tw systems t earn abutea&h ther.

    /t &reates a tpy map the entire netwrK.!t allo#s systems tolearn a%out each other e(en if different net#orC layer protocolsare configured.

    /t rwards ad#ertisem*nts abut rutes r aster&n#eren&e.

    21. :he output of the -outer sho# interfaces serial 0/1 commanddisplays the follo#ing;

    erial0/1 is up6 line protocol is do#n.

    Mhat is the mst iKey &ause r the ine prt& bein dwn

    eria0D1 is shutdwn.

    here is n &abe &nne&tin the ruters.

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    he remte ruter is usin seria 0D0.

    ?o clocC rate has %een set.

    CCNA 2 - Examen Unidad 2

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    CCNA 2 = !"amen >nidad 3

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  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    CCNA 2 Chapter 3 2011 V4.0 Answers


    June 13, 2011 by admin 10 Cmments

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    CCNA 2 Chapter 8 2011 V4.0 Answers 100%

    1.#hich two stateents correctl" describe the concepts ofadinistrative

    distance and etric? %&hoose two.'

    Aministrati!e istance refers to the trustworthiness of aparticular route.

    A router first installs routes with hi"her aministrati!eistances.

    The !alue of the aministrati!e istance can not #e altere #) thenetwor$

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    outes with the smallest metric to a estination inicate the #estpath.

    The metric is alwa)s etermine #ase on hop count.

    The metric !aries epenin" which a)er 8 protocol is #ein" route6such as &' or &'.


    Refer to the exhibit. #hichstateent correctl" describes how R1will deterine the best path to R2?

    R1 will install a RI! route using network / in its routing tablebecause the

    adinistrative distance of RI! is higher than 9I=R!.

    1 will install a &' route usin" networ$ A in its routin"ta#le #ecause the path cost

    from &' is lower than (&B'.

    1 will install an (&B' route usin" networ$ 9 in its routin"ta#le #ecause the

    aministrati!e istance of (&B' is lower than &'.

    1 will install an (&B' route usin" networ$ 9 in its routin"ta#le #ecause the path

    cost from (&B' is lower than &'.

    1 will install an (&B' route an a &' route in itsroutin" ta#le an loa #alance

    #etween them.

    $.#hich two stateents are true regarding classless routingprotocols?

    %&hoose two.'

    sens su#net mas$ information in routin" upates

    sens complete routin" ta#le upate to all nei"h#ors

    is supporte #) &' !ersion 1

    allows for use of #oth 1,2.17-.1.0+80 an 1,2.17-.1.17+2- su#netsin the sametopolo")

    reuces the amount of aress space a!aila#le in anor"aniDation

    (.#hich coand would the network adinistrator issue to deterineif

    load balancing is in effect on a router?

    show ip protocols

    show ip route
  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    show ip interface #rief

    show ip interface

    *.#hich stateent is true regarding routing protocols?

    &' uses hop count an #anwith as the metric for pathselection an sensupates


    OS'* is a Cisco proprietar) protocol that sens upates tri""ere#) topolo") chan"es.

    (&B' uses @A to calculate the shortest path an can #econfi"ure to o unequal

    cost loa #alancin".

    9B' is a path !ector interior routin" protocol.

    -.#hich two conditions would create a setting where the use of adistance7

    vector routing protocol would be efficient? %&hoosetwo.'

    the networ$ requires a special hierarchical esi"n

    fast con!er"ence of the networ$ is crucial

    the networ$ is usin" a hu# an spo$e topolo")

    the networ$ is usin" a flat esi"n

    there are more than 15 hops #etween the most istant routers

    .#hat is the purpose of a routing protocol?

    &t is use to #uil an maintain A' ta#les.

    &t pro!ies a metho for se"mentin" an reassem#lin" atapac$ets.

    &t allows an aministrator to e!ise an aressin" scheme forthe networ$.

    &t allows a router to share information a#out $nown networ$swith other routers.

    &t pro!ies a proceure for encoin" an ecoin" ata into #itsfor pac$et forwarin".

    .#hich of the following best describes the operation ofdistance

    vectorrouting protocols?

    The) use hop count as their onl) metric.

    The) onl) sen out upates when a new networ$ is ae.

    The) sen their routin" ta#les to irectl) connecte nei"h#ors.

    The) floo the entire networ$ with routin" upates.

    3.#hich of the following is associated with link7state routingprotocols?

    low processor o!erhea

    poison re!erse

    routin" loops

    split horiDon


  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    1*.#hat will be the result of the following coands?

    O;confi"=> interface fastethernet 55 O;confi" ip address12.1-.$.1

    2**.2**.2**.5 O;confi" no shutdown

    The 1: networ$ will #e route #) an) )namic routin"protocol automaticall).

    A routin" ta#le entr) is mae to the 1: networ$ with acoe of ECF.

    A static route is require to route traffic to the 1:$.

    The commans will #e sa!e to the startup

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    #hat does the nuber 123 indicate in this output?

    The cost for this lin$ has a !alue of 12,.

    The cloc$ rate on this serial interface is set to 12,6000.

    The net

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    destination network?

    The router will install the first route it learne into theroutin" ta#le.

    The router will install #oth routes in the routin" ta#le an loa#alance #etween the


    The router will put the first route in the routin" ta#le6 anenote the secon route as a

    #ac$up route.

    The router will pic$ the path with the hi"her #anwith an willplace it in the routin"


    22.#hen ultiple routing protocols have a route to the saedestination

    network, what deterines which route is installed in the routingtable?

    #est metric

    lowest hop count

    "reatest a!aila#le #anwith

    lowest aministrati!e istance

    lowest cost

    CCNA 2 = !"amen >nidad 4

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  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    CCNA 2 Chapter 4 2011 V4.0 Answers100%

    June 13, 2011 by admin 12 Cmments

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  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    CCNA 2 Chapter 4 2011 V4.0 Answers 100%


    #hat actions will occur after Router/ loses connectivit" tonetwork

    11(.12*.1-.5? %&hoose two.'

    outer9 will inclue networ$ 128.,2.:7.0 an 187.125.-5.0 in itsupate to outerA.

    @urin" the net upate inter!al6 outer9 will sen a &' upateout #oth ports that

    inclues the inaccessi#le networ$.@urin" the net upate inter!al6outerC will sen an upate to outer9 statin" that

    networ$ is accessi#le in 2 hops.

    outer C will learn of the loss of connecti!it) to networ$ from outer9.

    outer9 will inclue networ$ 128.,2.:7.0 an 187.125.-5.0 in itsupate to outerC.

    2.#hat does a router running RI! do first with a new route thatis

    received fro an advertiseent?

    places it immeiatel) in the routin" ta#le

    aGusts the metric for the new route to show the ae istance forthe route

    a!ertises this route out all other interfaces ecept the one thatit came in on

    sens a pin" pac$et to !erif) that the path is a feasi#leroute

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    Refer to the exhibit. If all routers are using RI!, how an"rounds of

    updates will occur before all routers know all networks?







    (.#hich of the following ethods does split horiCon use toreduce

    incorrectrouting inforation?

    outin" upates are split in half to reuce the upate time.

    &nformation learne from one source is not istri#ute #ac$ tothat source.

    New route information must #e learne from multiple sources to #eaccepte.

    The time #etween upates is split in half to speecon!er"ence.

    New route information is suppresse until the s)stem hascon!er"e.


    Refer to the exhibit. The routers in this network are runningRI!. Router /

    has not received an update fro Router 8 in over three inutes.)ow will

    Router / respond?

    The 3olown timer will wait to remo!e the route from the ta#lefor 70 secons.

    The &n!ali timer will mar$ the route as unusa#le if an upatehas not #een recei!e in

    1-0 secons.

    The pate timer will request an upate for routes that were learnefrom outer 9.

    The 3ello timer will epire after 10 secons an the route will #eflushe out of

    the routin"ta#le.

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    The graphic shows a network that is configured to use

    RI! routing protocol. Router2 detects that the link to Router1has gone

    down. It then advertises the network for this link with a hopcount etric

    of 1-. #hich routing loop prevention echanis is in effect?

    split horiDon

    error conition


  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    15.#hich two stateents are true regarding the function ofthe

    RI!v1 routingupdates? %&hoose two'.

    upates are #roacast onl) when there are chan"es to thetopolo")

    upates are #roacast at re"ular inter!als

    #roacast are sent to

    #roacasts are sent to

    upates contain the entire networ$ topolo")

    onl) chan"es are inclue in the upates

    11./ network adinistrator is evaluating RI! versus 9I=R! for anew

    network. The network will be sensitive to congestion and ustrespond

    quickl" to topolog" changes. #hat are two good reasons to choose9I=R!

    instead of RI! in this case? %&hoose two.'

    (&B' uses perioic upates.

    (&B' onl) upates affecte nei"h#ors.

    (&B' uses #roacast upates.

    (&B' upates are partial.

    (&B' uses the efficient 9ellman

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    instructs routers to i"nore upates6 for a specifie time ore!ent6 a#out possi#le

    inaccessi#le routes


    Refer to the exhibit. #hat path will packets fro the132.1-.1.52(

    network travel to reach the network if RI! is theactiverouting protocol?

    The path will #e router A

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    e!er reachin" its intene estination

    the istri#ution of routes from one routin" protocol intoanother

    1.#hich stateent is true regarding ciscoDs RI!EFITT9Rvariable?

    &t pre!ents the s)nchroniDation of routin" upates #)#ufferin" the upates as the)

    lea!e the router interface

    &t pre!ents the s)nchroniDation of routin" upates #)su#tractin" a ranom len"th of

    time ran"in" from 0% to 15% of the specifie inter!al time fromthe

    net routin" upate

    &t pre!ents the s)nchroniDation of routin" upates #) causin"the router to s$ip e!er)

    other scheule upate time

    &t pre!ents the s)nchroniDation of routin" upates #) forcin"the router to listen when

    its time for other upates on the lines #efore senin" it

    13.#hich three routing protocols are distance vector routingprotocols?

    %&hoose three'.





  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    CCNA 2 Chapter : 2011 V4.0 Answers


    June 13, 2011 by admin 17 Cmments

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    CCNA 2 Chapter 5 2011 V4.0 Answers 100%


    Refer to the exhibit. The network that is shown is runningRI!v1. The

    132.1-.15.52( network was recentl" added and will onl" containend

    users. #hat coand or set of coands should be entered onRouter1

    to prevent RI!v1 updates fro being sent to the end user deviceson the

    new network while still allowing this new network to beadvertised toother routers?

    outer1;confi" no router rip outer1;confi" networ$1,2.17-.10.0

    outer1;confi" no networ$ 1,2.17-.10.0

    outer1;confi" passi!e

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    Refer to the exhibit. The 9thernet interface on Router2 goesdown and the

    adinistrator notices that the route is still in the

    Router1 routing table. )ow uch longer will Router1 keep thedown

    network in its routing table before arking it as possibl"down?

    80 secons

    ,0 secons

    155 secons

    1-0 secons

    255 secons

    (.#hat is the default update period in seconds for the

    RI! routing protocol?







    *.#hich of the following is considered a liitation of RI!v1?

    &' !1 oes not sen su#net mas$ information in its upates.

    &' !1 is not wiel) supporte #) networ$in" harware!enors.

    &' !1 consumes ecessi!e #anwith #) multicastin" routin"upates usin" a Class @


    &' !1 requires enhance router processors an etra A/ tofunction effecti!el).

    &' !1 oes not support loa #alancin" across equal

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    consiers a metric of 17 as infinit)

    has an aministrati!e istance of 110 #) efault

    inclues the estination &' aress an su#net mas$ in routin"upates

    calculates metrics usin" the 9ellman *or al"orithm


    #hich of the following would be the correct coand sequence toenable

    RI! on Router 8 for all connected networks?

    outer9> router rip

    outer9;router=> network 215.$-..5 outer9;router=>network;router=> network 211.1-.(.5

    outer9;confi"=> router rip outer9;confi" network

    13.1-.(.5outer9;confi" network 211.1-.(.5 outer9;confi" network133.(.$2.5

    outer9;confi"=> configure router rip outer9;confi"network

    215.$-..5outer9;confi" network 133.(.$2.5 outer9;confi" network211.1-.(.5

    outer9;confi"=> router rip outer9;confi" network

    13.1-.(.5outer9;confi" network 215.$-..5 outer9;confi" network211.1-.(.5

    outer9;confi"=> router rip outer9;confi" network

    13.1-.(.5outer9;confi" network 215.$-..5 outer9;confi" network225.1.23.5

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    Refer to the exhibit. /ll routers are configured with validinterface

    addresses in the indicated networks and are running RI!v1. Thenetwork

    is converged. #hich routes are present in the routingtables?

    All routers ha!e all routes in their routin" ta#le.

    All routers ha!e all +80 routes6 #ut o not ha!e +24 routes intheir routin" ta#le.

    All routers ha!e all +80 routes. outers A an ( also ha!e some ofthe +24 routes in

    theirroutin" ta#le.

    All routers ha!e all +80 routes. outers 9 an @ also ha!e some ofthe +24 routes in

    theirroutin" ta#le.

    outers A an ( ha!e all routes. outers 9 an @ ha!e onl) +80routes in

    their routin"ta#le.

    outers A an ( ha!e onl) +24 routes. outers 9 an @ ha!e onl) +80routes in

    theirroutin" ta#le.15.#hat will happen if an interface I!address is entered for the address

    portion of the network coand in a RI!v1 configuration instead ofa

    network address?

    The router will reGect the comman.

    A route to the host aress will #e ae to out"oin" &'upates.

    A route to the host aress will #e ae to the routin" ta#le.

    All interfaces in the same classful networ$ as the confi"urearess will #e inclue in

    the &'!1 routin" process.

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    Refer to the exhibit. Router1 and Router2 are running the RI!v1protocol.

    The network adinistrator configures the coand network

    Router1. #hat network will Router1 advertise to Router2?


    Refer to the exhibit. /ll routers in the exhibit are running RI!v1. The

    network adinistrator issues the show ip route coand on router/.

    #hat routes would appear in the routing table output if thenetwork

    is converged? %&hoose two'.

    1,2.17-.2.0+24 I120+1J

    C 1,2.17-.2.0+24 I120+1J I120+0J

    C I120+1J I120+2J I120+8J

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    Refer to the exhibit. / network consists of ultiple routers.#hat can be

    verified when the show ip protocols coand is issued on one ofthe

    routers in the network?

    whether all routes in the networ$ ha!e #een properl) ae to theroutin" ta#le

    routin" protocol confi"uration in use for &' on thisrouter

    operational status of routin" protocols in use on all routers inthe networ$

    routin" metric of each networ$ that is liste in the routin"ta#le

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    Refer to the exhibit. #hat can be concluded fro the routingtable output

    of router 8?

    A static efault route has #een confi"ure on 9.Theefault55>$5,

    erial55 #hat is the value of the routing etric?






  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    Refer to the exhibit. /ll routers that are shown are runningthe

    RI! routingprotocol. /ll unknown I! traffic ust be forwarded tothe I!.

    #hat router or set of routers are recoended to have both adefault

    route and the default7inforation originatecoand issued toipleent

    this forwarding polic"?

    onl) outer1

    onl) the "atewa) router

    all routers in the networ$

    onl) the routers with ANs neein" &nternet access


    Refer to the exhibit. Router1 is running RI!v1. #hat coandwas

    entered into Router1 to configure the gatewa" of lastresort?

    no auto7suar"

    ip default7network default7gatewa"

    ip route 551

    1.#hich coand or set of coands will stop the RI! routingprocess?

    outer9;confi"=> router rip Router8%config7router'Bshutdown

    outer9;confi"=> router rip Router8%config7router'B networkno
  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2



    outer9;confi"=> no router rip

    outer9;confi"=> router no rip

    13.#hich two stateents are true regarding the characteristics ofRI!v1?

    %&hoose two'.

    &t is a istance !ector routin" protocol.

    &t a!ertises the aress an su#net mas$ for routes in routin"upates.

    The ata portion of a &' messa"e is encapsulate into a TC'se"ment.

    The ata portion of a &' messa"e is encapsulate into a @'se"ment.

    &t #roacasts upates e!er) 15 secons.

    &t allows a maimum of 15 routers in the routin" omain.


    Refer to the exhibit. RI!v1 is running on all three routers. /llinterfaces

    have been correctl" configured with addresses in the addressranges that

    are shown. #hich route would "ou see in the routing table onrouter &)I if

    the routers are configured with the coands that are displa"edin

    the exhibit?





    21. Refer to the exhibit. The 9thernet interface on Router2 goesdown and

    the adinistrator notices that the route is still valid in therouting table of

    Router1.)ow uch longer will it take for Router1 to ark the routeinvalid
  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    b" setting the etric to 1-?

    80 secons

    ,0 secons

    155 secons

    1-0 secons255 secons

    CCNA 2 = !"amen >nidad :
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  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


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  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    CCNA 2 Chapter ; 2011 V4.0 Answers


    June 13, 2011 by admin 2; Cmments

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    &&/ 2 &hapter - 2511

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    In the network shown in the graphic, three bits were borrowedfro the

    host portion of a &lass & address. )ow an" valid hostaddresses will be

    unused on the three point7to7point links cobined if

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    -.#hat does

    1. pin"s from 1 to the S0+0+0 interface on 2K.successful

    2. pin"s from 1 to the *a0+0 interface on 2K.successful

    8. pin"s from host 9 to hosts on the$K.successful

    4. pin"s from host 9 to the *a0+0 interface on 2K.successful

    5. pin"s from 2 to host 9K.successful.

    hat is the li$el) cause of the failure of the pin" from 1 tohost 9L

    The efault "atewa) on host 9 is not correctl) set.

    There are no routes #ac$ to networ$s connecte to 1 from 2.

    There is a a)er 2 pro#lem #etween 2 an host 9.

    3ost 9 has a efecti!e (thernet car.

    15./ network adinistrator is tasked with dividing up a class& network

    aong the H/, ales, and /dinistration departents. The H/

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    departent is ade up of 15 people, the ales is ade up of 2people, and

    the /dinistration has -. #hich two subnets asks adequatel"address

    the H/ and ales departents? %&hoose two.' for MA for Sales for MA for MA for Sales


    Refer to the exhibit. / network engineer is suariCing the twogroups of

    routes on router R1 shown in the exhibit. #hich suariCation willwork

    for all the subnets?






    / &lass & address has been assigned for use in thenetwork shown in the

    graphic. sing

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    be the total nuber of unused host addresses available?








    /n additional subnet is required for a new 9thernet link betweenRouter1

    and Router2 as shown in the diagra. #hich of the followingsubnet

    addresses can be configured in this network to provide a axiu of1(

    useable addresses for this link while wasting the fewestaddresses?






    1.#hat is a supernet?

    the networ$ for a efault route

    a summariDation of classful aresses

    a networ$ that contains #oth pri!ate an pu#lic aresses

    a set of isconti"uous networ$s that are controlle #) an&S'

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2




    pri!ate &' aresses

    classful routin"


    Refer to the exhibit. #hat subnet ask will be applied b" router8 when it

    receives a RI!v1 update for the network 12.1-.1.5?






    Refer to the exhibit. / network technician enters the staticroute in R1

    needed to reach network / ping fro R1 to )ost 8fails. The

    technician begins testing the network and has the followingresults>
  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    1. pin"s from 1 to the S0+0+0 interface on 2K.successful

    2. pin"s from 1 to the *a0+0 interface on 2K.successful

    8. pin"s from 3ost 9 to hosts on the$K.successful

    4. pin"s from 3ost 9 to the *a0+0 interface on 2K.successful

    5. pin"s from 2 to 3ost 9K.successful

    2$. #hat is the likel" cause of the failure of the ping fro R1to )ost 8?

    3ost 9 has a efecti!e (thernet car.

    The efault "atewa) on 3ost 9 is not correctl) set.

    There is a a)er 2 pro#lem #etween 2 an 3ost 9.

    2 oes not ha!e routes #ac$ to networ$s connecte to 1.

    Examen CCNA2 v4.0 Captulo 6

    !"amen CCNA2 #4.0 Cap$tu ;1. -9u) es *ue V+@ e permite ha&era un administradr de reda. utiiar una ms&ara de subred en unsistema aut'nm%. Jutili)ar mKltiples msaras de su%red en el mismoespacio de direccin !"&. utiiar /? &m e prt& deenrutamient en td un sistema aut'nmd. utiiar m5tipes prt&s deenrutamient dentr de un sistema aut'nm2. >n administradr de redtiene &m tarea di#idir una red de &ase C entre sdepartaments

    de Cntr de Caidad, Ventas y Administra&i'n. ! departament deCntr de Caidad estrmad pr 10 persnas, e de Ventas est rmad pr 2Bpersnas y a Administra&i'n tiene;. -Cues sn as ms&aras desubredes *ue dirien &rre&tamente s departaments deCntr deCaidad y de Ventas 6!ia ds p&ines8.

    a. 2::.2::.2::.2:2 para Cntr de Caidad


    J288.288.288.225 para @entasc. J288.288.288.250 para *ontrol de*alidadd. 2::.2::.2::.24B para Cntr de Caidade. 2::.2::.2::.0 paraVentas3. e ha asinad una dire&&i'n Case C para ser utiiadaen a red *ue se iustra en e ri&.

    i se usa V+@, -&u es a ms&ara de bits *ue se debe utiiarpara suministrar &nei&ien&ia a &antidad dedire&&ines de hst *ue se re*uieren en e ?uter A,desperdi&ianda menr &antidad de dire&&inespsibes

    a. D31b. D30&. D2Fd. D2Be. J/29

    . D2;4. -Cues sn as #entaas *ue e prpr&ina C/(? a una red6!ia ds p&ines8.a. Jtama>o reducido de la ta%la deenrutamientob. asina&i'n de dire&&inesdinmi&as&. redistribu&i'n de ruta autmti&ad.Jtrfico de actuali)acin de enrutamiento reducidoe. resumenautmti& en s brdes &n &ase:. e re*uiere una subredadi&ina para un nue# ena&e !thernet entre ?uter1 y?uter2,

    &m se indi&a en e diarama. -Cu de as siuientesdire&&ines de subred se puede
  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    &niurar en esta red para suministrar una &antidad m"imade 14 dire&&ines utiiabes paraeste ena&edesperdi&iand a menr &antidad de dire&&inespsibe

    a. 1F2.1.1.1;D2;b. 1F2.1.1.F;D2B&. 1F2.1.1.1;0D2Bd.1F2.1.1.1F;D27

    e. J1&'1F2.1.1.240D2B;. >n ruter tiene unaruta de resumen ha&ia a red 1F2.1;B.32.0D20 instaada en su tabade

    enrutamient. -9u) ran de redes resume esta rutaa. 1F2.1;B.0.0 O1F2.1;B.32.0D24b. 1F2.1;B.0.0 O 1F2.1;B.47.0c. J1&2.13'.42.01&2.13'.59.0/25d. 1F2.1;B.32.0 O 1F2.1;B.4B.0D24e.1F2.1;B.32.0O 1F2.1;B.;3.0D24.7. Cnsute a presenta&i'n. -9u) ms&ara desubred se api&ar si e ?uter A en#$a una

    a&tuaia&i'n ?/#1 para a red 172.1;.1.0 a ?uter Ea.Ninunb. B

    &. 1;d.J25B. -9u) es una superreda. a red para una rutapredeterminadab. una red *ue &ntiene tant dire&&inespri#adas &m p5bi&as&. un &nunt de redes n&ntiuas &ntradas pr un /d. Juna sumari)acin de (arias redes!" con clase en un rango de direcciones !"F. Cnsute apresenta&i'n. ! administradr de red *uiere &rear una subredpara a &ne"i'n

    punt a punt entre s ds ruters. -Cu de as siuientes ms&arasde subredprpr&inar$a sui&ientes dire&&ines para eena&e punt a punt &n e m$nim dedire&&inesdesperdi&iadas

    a. 2::.2::.2::.1F2b. 2::.2::.2::.224&. 2::.2::.2::.240d.2::.2::.2::.24Be. J288. Cnsute a presenta&i'n.!n a presenta&i'n est enumerad e n5mer de dire&&inesde

    hst re*uerids para &ada subred en una red. !ste n5merin&uye s re*uisits de dire&&i'nde hst para tds s puertsde ruter y hsts en esa subred. (espu)s dedeterminar tdas asasina&ines de s dispsiti#s y de as dire&&ines de puertde ruter,-&u ser e n5mer tta de dire&&ines de hstdispnibes *ue n se utiian

    a. ;b. 14c. J2&d. 34

    e. 40. ;211. !n a red *ue se iustra en e ri&, se pidiernprestads tres bits a a pr&i'n de hst de

    una dire&&i'n Case C. -c*ntas dire&&ines de hst#idas n se utiiarn en s tresena&es punt a punt &mbinads sin se usa V+@

    a. 3b. 4&. 12d. 3;

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    CCNA 2 Chapter 7 2011 V4.0 Answers


    June 13, 2011 by admin 7 Cmments

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    CCNA 2 Chapter : 2011 V4.0 Answers 100%

    1./ network adinistrator has been told that the copan" I!address

    infrastructure ust adhere to R:& 131. #hat three I! addressranges

    fro R:& 131 could the adinistrator use on the network?%&hoose







    Refer to the exhibit. Routers 9ast and #est are configured usingRI!v1.

    8oth routers are sending updates about their directl" connectedroutes.

    The 9ast router can ping the #est router serial interface and#est can

    ping the serial interface of 9ast. )owever, neither router hasd"naicall"
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    learned routesfro the other. #hat is ost likel" the proble?

    A "atewa) of last resort is require.

    Su#nettin" is not supporte #) &'!1.

    VS/ is not supporte #) &'!1.

    One of the routers nees a cloc$ rate on the serialinterface.


    Refer to the exhibit. #hat effect will the coands that are shownhave

    on RI! updates for Router1?

    Onl) !ersion 2 upates are sent to

    Onl) !ersion 2 upates are sent to 224.0.0.,.

    9oth !ersion 1 an !ersion 2 upates are sent to 224.0.0.,.

    9oth !ersion 1 an !ersion 2 upates are sent to255.255.255.255.


    Refer to the exhibit. #hat can be concluded fro the output shownin

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    The routin" ta#le is limite to 2 routes.

    The AN interfaces are participatin" in the routin" process.

    One upate has #een sent out of each serial interface an 2 ha!e#een recei!e.

    The no auto

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    15.#hat are two functions of the network coand used when

    configuringrouting protocols? %&hoose two.'

    ientifies which networ$s will #e inclue in the routin"upates

    ientifies the hosts aresses that can #e summariDe in thenetwor$

    use to list all aresses for remote an local networ$s

    etermines which su#net mas$ to appl) to routin" upates

    etermines which interfaces can sen an recei!e routin" upates


    Refer to the exhibit. /ll routers are running RI!v1. #hatchanges will

    occur in the routing table of router 8 if a loopback interfacewith an

    address of 15.1-.1.1232 is configured on router 8?

    outes to the an$s are ae.

    A connecte route to the networ$ is ae.

    A thir route to the networ$ with &'!1 as thesource is ae.

    The route is roppe immeiatel) from the routin" ta#leafter router 9 isconfi"ure.

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    Refer to the exhibit. The exhibited network contains a ixture of&isco and

    non7&isco routers. The coand debug ip rip was entered on theF/J

    router. /ll routers are running the sae version of RI!. Router&)I and

    Router +R0 are not able to reach the 132.1-.1.1-2 network. #hatis a

    possible solution to this proble?

    (na#le split horiDon in the networ$.

    Confi"ure &'!2 on routers.

    A networ$ 1,2.17-.1.0 to the &' confi"uration on the PArouter.

    Confi"ure PA *a0+0 as a passi!e interface.

    (na#le the Serial0+0+0 interface on the PA router.

    Chan"e the &' aress on the *a0+0 interface of the PA routerto 1,2.17-.1.1+24.

    1-.#hat field was added to the RI! essage header b" R:& 12$to add

    support for

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    Refer to the exhibit. #hich coand on which router will allowRouter1

    to learn about the 132.1-.5.525 network?

    outer1;confi"=> ip classless

    outer1;confi" no passi!e

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    CCNA2 Examen 7 Corregido1 -Cues sn ds ranes para impementar ?/,#ersi'n 2, en uar de ?/, #ersi'n 1 6!ia ds


    J -!" (ersin 2 admite @L

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


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    J e agrega una ruta conectada a la red'/29.

    e area una ter&era ruta a a red &n ?/#1&m e rien.

    +a ruta se des&ne&ta inmediatamente de a tabade enrutamient despu)s de *ue se&niura e ruter E.


    Cnsute a presenta&i'n. +s ?uters !ast y Mest se &niuranusand e ?/#1. Ambs ruters en#$ana&tuaia&ines sbre sus rutasdire&tamente &ne&tadas. ! ruter !ast puede ha&erpin a a interaseria de ruter Mest y e ruter Mest puede ha&erpin a a intera seria de !ast. in embar, ninunde s ruters aprendi'de rma dinmi&a de tr. -Cu es psibemente e prbema

    e re*uiere una ateway de 5tim re&urs.

    ! ?/#1 n admite a di#isi'n de redes.

    J El -!"(1 no admite @Ln de s ruters ne&esita unare&uen&ia de re en a intera seria.

    9 e e ha si&itad a un administradr de red *ue ainraestru&tura de a dire&&i'n / de a &mpaH$adebe&umpir &n ?

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    Cnsute a presenta&i'n. ?/#1 est &niurad &m eprt& de enrutamient en a red *ue semuestra. !n &ada ruter,se utiian s siuientes &mands

    router ripnet#orC

    Cuand esta &niura&i'n est &mpeta, s usuaris en a +ANde &ada ruter n estn habiitads

    para a&&eder a as +AN remtas. -r *u)

    +as senten&ias de red estn &niuradas de manerain&rre&ta.

    e ha &read un rutin p.

    J -!"(1 no puede enrutar hacia las redes discontinuas de una redprincipal.

    ?/#1 n puede enrutar redes &n una ms&ara de subredD24.



    Cnsute a presenta&i'n. -9u) &mand e permitir a ?uter2aprender de a red 1F2.1;B.1;.0D2B

    ?uter16&ni8 ip classless

    J -outer1configrouter net#orC 1&2.13'.13.0

    ?uter16&ni=ruter8 no passi(einterface serial 0/1/1

    ?uter26&ni=ruter8 (ersion 2
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    Cnsute a presenta&i'n. i tds s ruters estn ee&utand ?/#ersi'n 2, -pr *u) n hay una rutapara a red 1F2.1;B.1.32D27

    ?/ #ersi'n 2 n en#$a as ms&aras de subred en susa&tuaia&ines.

    ! ?uter A n est &niurad &n ?/ &m un prt& deenrutamient.

    J -!" (ersin 2 autoresumir las rutas por defecto.

    ! ?uter E n est &niurad para pubi&ar a red1F2.1;B.1.;4D30.



    -Cu es e dimetr de red m"im permitid pr a m)tri&a prdee&t de ?/#2

    J 18 saltos

    1; sats

    100 sats

    120 sats

    2:: sats



    Cnsute a presenta&i'n. >n t)&ni& debe arear unanue#a intera pba&K para prbar aun&inaidad de enrutamient ye diseH de red. ! t)&ni& inresa e siuiente &nunt de&mandsen e ruter

    anrd6&ni8 interface loop%acC1anrd6&ni=i8 ip address1&2.13'.3.32

    -r *u) e ruter respnde &n un errr

    ! ruter n permite &niura&ines de intera pba&K.
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    Cnsute a presenta&i'n. ds s ruters estn ee&utand ?/#ersi'n 2. JAL est &niurad parapubi&ar s' a red10.0.0.0D24. CI/ est &niurad para pubi&ar a red172.1;.0.0D1;. >nadministradr de red inresa s &mands *ue semuestran en a presenta&i'n. -9u) &ambis seprdu&irn enesta red

    ! ruter JAL inrar as a&tuaia&ines para a red172.1;.0.0D1; pr &uestines de hrintedi#idid.

    J El router *I! instalar una ruta a la red 1&2.13'.0.0/13 enla ta%la de enrutamiento.

    +a taba de enrutamient de CI/ tendr a ruta 1F2.1;B.0.0D1; pertendr una unt a a ruta.

    El router ORL aplicar una mscara de subred a todaslas redes en las actualizaciones de enrutamiento

    que reenve.


    ?ei)rase a bet e"puest. -Cu ds de&ara&ines sn #erdaderas6!s&a ds.8

    J-outer1 instalar una ruta a 1&2.13'.0.0/20

    ?uter1 instaar una ruta a 1F2.1;B.0.0D24

    ?uter1 instaar una ruta a 1F2.1;B.1;.0D24

    ?uter2 instaar una ruta a 1F2.1;B.1;.0D24

    J -outer2 no instalar una ruta a 1&2.13'.13.0/20

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    a le!el 2 chil route

    a le!el 2 ultimate chil route

    -.#hat deterines if the router ipleents a classless routelookup


    Chil routes are present in the routin" ta#le.

    A classless routin" protocol has #een confi"ure on therouter.

    The comman ip classless is ena#le on the router.

    /ultiple routes with ifferent mas$s to the same estination arein the routin" ta#le.

    outin" ta#le entries ha!e a net

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    Refer to the exhibit. Router1 is running I+ version 12.2. #hatwill the

    network adinistrator need to do so that packets for unknown

    child routes of 12.1-.5.52( will not be dropped?

    issue the ip efault

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    Refer to the exhibit. The network adinistrator has discoveredthat

    packets destined for servers on the 12.1-.2*(.5 network arebeing

    dropped b" Router2. #hat coand should the adinistrator issueto

    ensure that these packets are sent out the gatewa" of lastresort, erial


    ip classless

    no ip classless

    ip efault

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    searches for a efault route to forwar the pac$et

    rops the pac$et since the static route oes not ha!e an eitinterface

    performs a recursi!e loo$up to fin the eit interface use toforwar the pac$et

    sens a request to nei"h#orin" routers for the location of the12-.10:.0.0 networ$

    1.#hat occurs when no ip classless is ipleented on therouter?

    The router will onl) support classful &' aressin".

    The router will onl) support classful routin" protocols.

    The router will use a efault route6 if present6 when a matchin"route is not foun in

    theroutin" ta#le.

    The router will assume it has $nowle"e of all su#nets in thenetwor$ an will not

    search #e)on chil routes for a #etter match.

    13./ route to a destination network is learned fro

    ultiple routing protocols. #hat is used b" a &isco router toselect the

    preferred route to the destination that will be installed in

    the routing table?


    route prefi

    upate timer

    aministrati!e istance

    (ste eQmen esta al ,4%6 recueren tomenlo como fuente e estuioasi apreneran mas.

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    CCNA 2 Chapter F 2011 V4.0 Answers


    June 13, 2011 by admin 14 Cmments

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    CCNA 2 Chapter , 2011 V4.0 Answers 100%

    1.#hat two actions will the 9I=R! 4/0 :6 take if a link to anetwork

    goes down? %&hoose two.'

    put the route into passi!e moe

    quer) nei"h#ors for a new route

    search routin" ta#le for a feasi#le successorrun the S'*al"orithm to fin a new successor

    search topolo") ta#le for a feasi#le successor


    )ost 132.1-.1.-- in the network illustrated is unable to pinghost

    132.1-.1.1$5. )ow ust 9I=R! be configured to

    enable connectivit" between the two hosts? %&hoose two.'

    1;confi" network 132.1-.1.12


    1;confi" no auto7suar"

    2;confi" no auto7suar"2;confi" auto7suar"

    2;confi" network 132.1-.1.-(

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    Refer to the exhibit. The copan" is using 9I=R! with

    an autonoous s"ste nuber of 15. !ings between hosts onnetworks

    that are connected to router / and those that are connected torouter 8 are

    successful.)owever, users on the 132.1-.$.5 network are unableto reach users on

    the 132.1-.1.$2 network. #hat is the ost likel" cause of thisproble?

    &' classless is ena#le an is causin" the pac$et to rop.

    The comman networ$ 1,2.17-.1.82 was not issue on router C.

    The routers are not confi"ure in the same (&B' routin"omain.

    Automatic summariDation of the networ$s is causin" the su#netteroutes to #e


    (.#hat inforation is aintained in the 9I=R! topolog" databasefor a

    destination route? %&hoose three.'

    the routin" protocol

    the feasi#le istance of the route

    the hi"hest cost of the route

    the STT !alue for the route

    the route cost as a!ertise #) the nei"h#orin" router

    the ph)sical aress of the "atewa) interface

    *. +n a router running 9I=R!, what database would aintain a listof

    feasible successors?routin" ta#le

    nei"h#or ta#le

    topolo") ta#le

    aGacenc) ta#le

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    Refer to the exhibit. #hat is indicated b" the ! at thebeginning of the

    topolog" entr"?

    the route is in a sta#le state

    the route is a preferre route

    @A is searchin" for a #etter route to this estination

    the eit interface is in passi!e moe an (&B' a!ertisem*ntsare #loc$e

    .In the coand router eigrp 25, what is the purpose of the nuber25?

    specifies the aministrati!e istance for all (&B'routesientifies the autonomous s)stem num#er this (&B' processwill a!ertise

    etermines what metric is ae to all a!ertise routes

    inicates the num#er of aresses in the (&B' routin" omain


    Refer to the exhibit. In the topolog" table, what do the nubers$511(5

    and $12-3* represent?

    the route metric that is applie to those (&B' routes forthis router

    the trustworthiness of the routin" information source

    the composite of the hop count an #anwith to that estinationnetwor$

    the total metric for that networ$ as a!ertise #) the (&B'nei"h#or
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    3.#hich two stateents describe characteristics of 9I=R!?%&hoose two.'

    (&B' is a istance !ector routin" protocol.

    (&B' supports classless routin" an VS/.

    (&B' is classifie as a lin$

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    will packets take fro the 12.1-.1.51- network to the132.1-.255.52(





    'ac$ets will loa #alance across the A696( an A6C6( paths.

    'ac$ets will loa #alance across the A696( an A6@6( paths.

    'ac$ets will loa #alance across the A6C6( an A6@6( paths.

    1.8" default, which two etrics are used b" 9I=R! to deterine thebest

    path between networks?






    13.#hich of the following stateents describes the boundedupdates used

    b" 9I=R!?

    9oune upates are sent to all routers within an autonomouss)stem.

    'artial upates are sent onl) to routers that nee theinformation.

    The upates are sent to all routers in the routin" ta#le.

    pates are #oune #) the routers in the topolo") ta#le.

    25. The show ip eigrp topolog" coand output on a router displa"sa

    successor route and a feasible successor route to network132.1-.1.52(.

    In order to reduce processor utiliCation, what does 9I=R! dowhen the

    priar" route to this network fails?

    The router sens quer) pac$ets to all (&B' nei"h#ors for a#etter route to networ$


    The @A *S/ immeiatel) recomputes the al"orithm to calculate thenet #ac$up


    'ac$ets that are estine for networ$ 1,2.17-.1.0+24 are sent outthe efault


    The #ac$up route to networ$ 1,2.17-.1.0+24 is installe in theroutin" ta#le.


  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    Refer to the exhibit. 8ased on the output of show ip eigrpneighbors, what

    are two possible probles with ad;acencies between Router1 andRouter2?

    %&hoose two.'

    The routers are confi"ure with ifferent (&B' process&@s.Automatic summariDation was isa#le.

    The hello timer for 1 was altere.

    The serial interfaces for #oth routers are in ifferentnetwor$s.

    No feasi#le successors were foun.


    Refer to the exhibit. This is the debug output fro 2

    directl" connected 9I=R! routers. The" are not foring anad;acenc".

    #hat is the cause?one router is a non

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    Examen CCNA2 v4.0 Captulo 10

    E,amen **?2 (5.0 *apBtulo 10

    1 -Cues sn as #entaas de usar un prt& de enrutamient deinK=state en uar de un

    #e&tr distan&ia 6!ia ds p&ines8.a. +a base de datsde tp$a eimina a ne&esidad de una taba de enrutamient.%. J*adarouter determina de manera independiente la ruta a cada red.&.+s prt&s de inK=state re*uieren menr pten&ia depr&esadr de ruter *ue s

    prt&s #e&tr distan&ia.d. J=espus de la inundacin L"inicial6 generalmente requieren menos ancho de %anda

    para comunicar cam%ios en una topologBa.e. e en#$ana&tuaia&ines peri'di&as re&uentes para minimiar a&antidad de rutas

    in&rre&tas en a base de dats tp'i&a.2 A unadministradr de red se e asina a tarea de see&&inar unprt& de enrutamientdinmi& aprpiad para una &mpaH$a dedesarr de stware. +a &mpaH$a psee ms de100 ruters, utiia C/(? yV+@, re*uiere &n#eren&ia rpida y utiia e*uips Cis& ytrs

    *ue n sn Cis&. -9u) prt& de enrutamient es ade&uadpara esta &mpaH$aa. ?/ #ersi'n 2b. /?&. !/?d. JA"Fe. E

    3 Cnsute a presenta&i'n. -9u) tip de inrma&i'n se #er$aen un + en#iad desde eruter JAL a ruter A+

    a. &nte de satsb. tiemp de a&ti#idad de a rutac. Jcostodel enlaced. una ista de tds s prt&s de enrutamient en us

    4 Cnsute a presenta&i'n. Cuand se &niura e ?uter ( parautiiar un prt& de

    enrutamient de estad de ena&e y se area a a red, -*u) esprimer *ue ha&e para&menar a aprender a tp$a de red

    a. !n#$a s pa*uetes + a s ?uters E y C.b. !n#$a s pa*uetes + atds s ruters en a red.&. !n#$a s pa*uetes de saud a tds sruters en a red.d. !n#$a inrma&i'n sbre sus #e&insdire&tamente &ne&tads a s ?uters A y !.e. !n#$ainrma&i'n sbre sus #e&ins dire&tamente &ne&tadsa tds s ruters en a red.f. Jprende so%re las redes directamenteconectadas cuando las interfaces alcan)an el

    estado de completo.: -9u) aritm ee&utan s prt&s deenrutamient de estad de ena&e para &a&uara ruta ms&rta ha&ia as redes de destin

    a. (>A+%. J=i+Cstra

    &. Eeman=

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    b. taba de adya&en&iac. J%ase de datos de estado deenlaced. taba de #e&ine. base de dats de tp$a

    1: -9u) ds prt&s de enrutamient utiian e primer aritm deruta ms &rta de(iKstra. 6!ia ds p&ines8.

    a. ?/#1b. ?/#2c. J!!d. Ee. !/?f. JA"F

    1; -Cu es e 5tim pas en e pr&es de enrutamient de estad deena&ea. s su&esres se &&an en a taba deenrutamient%. J"F calcula la me+or ruta a cada red destino&. +s+ se inundan ha&ia tds s #e&ins para &n#erer a redd. !aritm (>A+ se ee&uta para haar a mer ruta ha&ia as redesde destin

    17 -Cues sn as airma&ines *ue des&riben&rre&tamente e pr&es de enrutamient deinK=state 6!ia dsp&ines8.

    a. Jtodos los routers en el rea tienen %ases de datos delinCstate%. Jcada router en el rea inunda los L" hacia todos los(ecinos&. s + utiian a dire&&i'n muti&ast reser#adade para a&anar s #e&insd. s rutin ps se e#itan aee&utar e aritm de a&tuaia&i'n diusa 6(>A+8e. ert& de ransprte Cniabe 6?8 es e prt& utiiad para e en#$ ya

    re&ep&i'n de +1B -9u) a&&i'n tma inmediatamenteun ruter de estad de ena&e a re&ibir un + de unruter#e&in

    a. Jsatura el L" a los (ecinosb. &a&ua e aritm ip route5.5.5.5 serial 555

    outer9;confi"=> ip route 12.1-.-.-

    outer9;confi"=>router ospf 15

    outer9;confi" default7inforation originate

    outer9;confi"=> router ospf 15

    outer9;confi" default7network 12.1-.-.- 5.5.5.$ area 5

    outer9;confi"=>ip route 12.1-.-.-

    outer9;confi"=>ip default7route 12.1-.-.-

    outer9;confi"=> router ospf 15

    outer9;confi" redistribute ip default7route
  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    1.#hich two stateents describe the use of +!: 4R84Relections?

    %&hoose two.'

    (lections are alwa)s optional.

    (lections are require in all AN networ$s.

    (lections are require in point

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2



    Refer to the exhibit. #hat ust be received between neighbors toprevent

    the dead tie that is shown in the exhibit fro reaching Cero?

    an) traffic throu"h the router interfaces

    routin" ata#ase upates

    hello pac$ets

    9'@ pac$ets


    Refer to the exhibit. #hat does the K+M92L fro the K+M925.5.5.55

    @1151A via 132.1-.1.1, 55>5*>$(, erial55L linerepresent?

    an internal t)pe 2 OS'* route.

    an eternal OS'* route at least two hops awa).

    an eternal OS'* route from two ifferent sources.

    an eternal OS'* route that will not increment in cost.

    a efault route.

    The route was istri#ute into OS'* from a t)pe 2 router.2$.

    Refer to the exhibit. #hich network coand or set of coandswill

    cause +!: to be enabled for an" R1 interface connected to theexhibited


    1;confi" network area 51;confi" network15.1.5.5** area 5 1;confi" network** area5 1;confi" network

    15.1.2.( 5.5.5.$ area 5

    1;confi" network** area 5
  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    1;confi" network** area 5

    1;confi" network 5.5.2**.2** area 5


    Refer to the exhibit. #hat is the cost of the route to the15.5.5.5 network?




    1.5442*.#hat three paraeters ust be indentical between +!:routers in

    order to for an ad;acenc"? %&hoose three.'

    area i


    metric !alue

    hello inter!al

    networ$ t)pe

    interface t)pe

    1 Cnsute a presenta&i'n. -9u) senten&ias de&niura&i'n darn s resutads *ue se

    muestran en e resutad de &mand shw ip prt&s

    a. E6&ni8 int a0D0

    E6&ni=i8 ruter=id 1F2.1;B.1.:

    b. E6&ni8 int 0

    E6&ni=i8 ip address 1F2.1;B.1.:

    c. J7config router ospf 1

    7configrouter routerid 1&2.13'.1.8

    d. E 6&ni8 ruter sp 1

    E6&ni=ruter8 ip address 1F2.1;B.1.:

    2 Cnsute a presenta&i'n. -9u) es *ue se debe re&ibirentre #e&ins para e#itar *ue e

    tiemp muert *ue se muestra en a presenta&i'n eue a&er
  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    a. &ua*uier tri& a tra#)s de as intera&es de sruters

    b. as a&tuaia&ines de a base de dats de enrutamient

    c. Jlos paquetes de saludo

    d. s pa*uetes E(>

    3 Cnsute a presenta&i'n. -c*ntas adya&en&ias G<se deben rmar para &rear a

    tp$a &mpeta si n ueran eeids un (? E(? en esta red G

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    &. ruter de dmini

    d. ruter de dmini de respad

    e. Jrouter designado

    f. Jrouter designado de respaldo

    F Cnsute a presenta&i'n. -9u) representa SGR!2S en a $neaSGR!2 T110D1U #ia

    1F2.1;B.1.1, 000:34, eria0D0Sa. una ruta G< tip 2interna.

    b. una ruta G< e"terna a ds sats de distan&ia &mm$nim.

    &. una ruta G< e"terna desde ds r$enes dierentes.

    d. Juna ruta A"F e,terna que no se incrementar en costo.

    e. una ruta pr dee&t.

    . +a ruta se distribuy' en G< desde un ruter tip 2.

    10 Cnsute a presenta&i'n. -9u) se&uen&ia de&mands de ?uterE redistribuye a

    ateway de 5tim re&urs a s trs ruters de G< rea 0

    a. ?uterE6&ni8 ruter sp 10

    ?uterE6&ni=ruter8 ateway==ast=resrt 172.1;.;.;

    b. ?uterE6&ni8 ip rute seria 0D0D0c.J-outer7config ip route

    -outer7config router ospf 10

    -outer7configrouter defaultinformation originate

    d. ?uterE6&ni8 ruter sp 10

    ?uterE6&ni=ruter8 deaut=netwrK 172.1;.;.; area 0

    e. ?uterE6&ni8 ip rute 172.1;.;.;

    . ?uterE6&ni8 ip deaut=rute 172.1;.;.;

    ?uterE6&ni8 ruter sp 10

    ?uterE6&ni=ruter8 redistribute ip deaut=rute

    11 Cnsute a presenta&i'n. ! ?uter1 y e ?uter2 estnee&utand Gna red G< de &in& ruters &mpetamente&n#erentes se ha ee&utad &n )"it

    durante #arias semanas. das as &niura&ines se han uardady n se utiian rutas

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    estti&as. i un ruter se apaa y se reini&ia, -*u)inrma&i'n habr en a taba de

    enrutamient despu)s de *ue e ar&hi# de &niura&i'n se&arue per antes de *ue Gna ruta de resumen para tdas as redesaprendidas anterirmente apare&er

    autmti&amente en a taba de enrutamient hasta *ue e ruterhaya re&ibid tds s +.

    14 Cnsute a presenta&i'n. ! ?uter A est &rre&tamente&niurad para G

  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


  • 8/12/2019 resueltos ccna2


    %. J-outer ser el =- para

    c. JIO ser el 7=- para

    d. ?uter A ser e (? para 10.:.0.0D1;.

    e. J-emoto ser el =- para

    . ?emt ser e E(? para 10.:.0.0D1;.

resueltos ccna2 - [PDF Document] (2024)


Is CCNA changing in 2024? ›

In April 2024, Cisco announced the CCNA 200-301 exam blueprint Version 1.1. Cisco's exam and blueprint numbering plan keeps the same exam number as before, so the old exam number (200-301) remains the same. The version number changes from 1.0 to 1.1, implying a minor change to the blueprint.

What is the pass rate for CCNA? ›

The CCNA switching and routing examination

The CCNA routing/switching exam passing rate is 85%. However, according to some resources, the test's failure rate on the first attempt is +/- 95%. Although it is not difficult, the exam can be challenging for newcomers to network.

How many questions can you get wrong on CCNA? ›

New CCNA exam details

Number of questions: Cisco does not publish an exact number, but expect around 100 questions during the 120 minutes of the exam. Passing score: This is also not published information, but a general rule tends to be around 80% correct answers to pass the exam.

What is the passing score for the CCNA exam 2024? ›

Understanding the CCNA exam

Scoring: To pass this exam, you'll need a score of 825. Non-native English speakers can request 30 minutes, ensuring a fair playing field. Question formats: Multiple-choice questions assess your theoretical grasp, while drag-and-drop challenges test your problem-solving skills.

Is CCNA being retired? ›

With a new CCNA exam on the way, the 200-301 exam will be retired at some point in the next year or two. While Cisco hasn't announced an official timeframe for the current CCNA retirement, we can assume the 200-301 CCNA exam will be retired sometime in 2024 if the new exam is released in summer or fall of 2023.

Is CCNA security gone? ›

In the past, one had a chance to get some industrial certifications in this area from Cisco as well, and the first step towards being a security specialist was the CCNA Security exam. However, Cisco retired this exam in 2020, so now we need to find another path to becoming a security expert.

How many people fail the CCNA first try? ›

Over 90% of students quit while studying for their CCNA exam. Of the 10% who actually take it, 50% fail on their first attempt. In fact, the average pass rate is 2.5 attempts so $750 per pass.

Is CCNA too hard? ›

Technical complexity: The CCNA certification requires a strong understanding of complex technical concepts such as subnetting, VLANs, and routing protocols. This can be challenging for individuals who are not familiar with the technology.

Can you retake CCNA if you fail? ›

The exam is considered extremely difficult, but don't panic—failing the CCNA exam isn't the end of the world. Cisco allows you to retake the exam after a five day waiting period.

How fast can I finish CCNA? ›

CBT Nuggets coaches say you should be CCNA ready in about 26 weeks by studying 30 to 60 minutes per day. Pair the 200-301 CCNA training videos with the free CBT Nuggets CCNA 200-301 study plan so you can stay on-track ahead of test day. View the full report on how long it takes to study for the Cisco CCNA here.

What is the age limit for CCNA exam? ›

Persons between 13 and 17 can take the exam and get the certification if passed only with parental consent. Persons above 18 (including) are eligible to take the exam without any age restrictions.

Does CCNA expire? ›

Cisco requires its Cisco Certified Network Associates to recertify once every three years to keep the certification active.

Is there future in CCNA? ›

In conclusion, the future of CCNA certification training in India is vast. Pursuing it can work as a significant investment in your career in networking. Whether you are new to the field or are an experienced professional, a CCNA certificate can enhance your skills and knowledge and boost your earning potential.

Will the CCNA change? ›

CCNA v1.

On August 20, 2024 Cisco will introduce minor updates to its current CCNA certification. New topics on the exam include Generative AI, Cloud Networking Management, and Machine Learning.

Is networking worth in 2024? ›

Are Networking Certifications Worth It In 2024? Yes, there's no doubt networking certifications are worth it. There's no other tool that verifies your level of experience, knowledge, and competence.

Is CCNA certification still relevant? ›

Yes, the CCNA certification is still worth it in 2024 and beyond. It is a globally recognized certification that validates your knowledge and skills in entry-level networking.

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