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a diverse range of stories from across the globe, from the perspective of on networks generally on the unexpected as code, nobody decisive election. this results in phone show a leftist coalitions on trying to in the way seats in pilot with keeping the phone rights power. but the political block is good to get up sleep. majority of the 2nd largest economy is now and calls for a hung part of the whole rom, and you want to, i'll just say, are life and also of the program after 9 months of as well as will hundreds of palestinians are all the leaves again, after repulsive as well as the evacuation order in dollars. a city plus heidi to

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castro on the bite in campaign trail in pennsylvania. as of now for him to step aside over doubts about his age and ability to beach, donald trump, the welcome to the problem. defining predictions h as in fraud. so preventive default writes and taking power. initial results show you the left doing alliance says 1182 seats in pilot, searching past michael centrist alliance. the far right has come 3rd, with $143.00 seats. but it's still unclear who the full, the next government says ne policy appears to have gained an absolute majority, but it's reports now from the capital powers. a beta expected, the worst with friends is hastily arranged left wing coalition, beat the offs. and the tension of the last week evaporated. so so i don't know. so

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remote, i'm not sure this evening the national riley is far from having the absolute majority . the commentators have predicted scarcely a week ago. in fact, it's totally the opposite. it's an immense relief for an overwhelming majority of people in all countries. those who make up the new fronts, as well as those have always loved the country. with the republican passion to be, to the far right, national riley president had hoped to lead his party to a majority in the national assembly. they felt well short unfortunately, the alliance of the stone and the dangerous select tore arrangements made by emanuel mat crony, with the far left formations to night, depriving the french people of a policy of recovery that none the less over whelming least sided full by putting us in the lead in the european elections, and then last sunday, bought that was both marine la pen seems once again to have been faulted by a republican front. that's where

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a majority of french people vote for any party that opposes the far right. prime minister gabriella, how appointed by president emanuel mac chrome has offered to resign. when one goes, mamma said companion. from the start of this campaign, i've been alerted of 3 risk spending. the risk of an absolute majority dominated by the far left. the risk of an absolute majority dominated by the far right and the risk of disappearance for the movement that represents our ideas in our values. today. these 3 risks have been eliminated by the french. but what that means is no one party will have an absolute majority in the assembly. the popular from the left wing coalition says they have a mandate that priorities to reverse microns black shoot policy, increasing the retirement age to $64.00. and they want to increase the minimum wage and to recognize a palestinian state. while i'm shown as one of the pocket latest presence emanuel

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not going to have to negotiate with your tries to the new government. there is little love lost between the only thing. yeah. but literally was a desire stone. all right, so you're getting into products with, i'll just say run the tests about like it's always celebrations in the french capital. tony, also the results came out. thousands of people came here to central powers. the plasma repeatedly to celebrate mainly supposes all the left wing and lines the lines, but did so much presses and opinion polls had projected, in recent weeks, the motor neal. so people, we say that they all just relieved that the far right policy of marine, the pen hasn't been propelled to power by this stuff election. they were real, says about what that would mean amongst them for from people worried about and the version of roy about personalities, reasons, folks to one mind whose father had been attacked in 1995 utils. why some far,

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i suppose is he said, i just can't even imagine what a far right government would mean for fraud. he said it would make me quite to know any for myself, but also for my children. the legend has revealed the amount of watch results. it says there all the divisions in from 0 many for why support is going to be very disappointed. at this result. we're going to say it is on 5. and then you have those on the left and the center who will suckers have to try and find a way to work together to try and build a possible center center left coalition. these aren't going to be very uncertain times and falls in the next days. and weeks sasha butler also sarah congress if this again. so it has reaction to from the southern city of all se a while the more tonight in my say is rather fast as people have come out to celebrate. there's an empty fault, right? raleigh. up the here and here on the side by the water. a lot of families have come

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out with their children. there's music from north africa, from all over the world, playing on the street. so right of festive mood, i've actually spoken to a few people who were heading towards that and t fall right raleigh. and they told us of their release. they said these 3 weeks of campaigning has been extremely intense, especially for places like my state where this company has been very polarizing. my face, a place that has been built on on a lot of waves of, of immigration. it's a very cosmopolitan city. it's also a city where the fall, right? the national a riley, has gained in popularity in recent years. and in fact, it must say, voters have come out in numbers to vote today. we don't exactly have the projections yet for house of those states have been divided in these constituencies . but we know that the numbers of voters have been high higher than usual in parliamentary elections. and one woman told us that this was proof that i must say

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was in fact not going in that direction. she actually took my stay and friends as an example. she said this was an example for the rest of your reps that there were other options than the fall, right? going in a different direction, then a lot of european nations that are going more towards that direction. however, i also spoke to political expert, political research or here in my state. and she told me that she told me that they should be some reserve for those leslie and centrist of voters voted against the fall, right. she said that it could be difficult months ahead because there is they could not be no real absolute majority within the parliament. so any sort of a clear change could be difficult to make and also could take a long time the right the raise, the professor of politics, the queen mary university of london joined the sun life on the british capital. miss murray, kentucky on the program. obviously the president has quite

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a lots of soul searching, but also some very difficult decisions to make and the next few days about how and what he's going to tool to that to the left left wing. this left wing coalition to policies and who is going to have to negotiate with. so he is in quite a difficult situation and the one thing that he has been able to exploit thus far to get people to watch get that was the real threat of a far right government. that threat has now dissipated. and so now he's in a situation where his policy has fewer seats and it had the full, but it's still strong enough relative to the left of the for it, and also be best for him to stand down either. so i think they're all going to be some quite tense negotiations. i think one of the key questions that people are going to be to by saying is, is, who is going to get to the the next government? another key question is, what do they do with the fall left?

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because my quote was already made it very clear that he worked with the fall of that and they made it clear that they weren't luck with him. and if you take the far left out of the equation, then my 1st policy actually becomes the biggest policy in parliament. and so he could then make an argument to save all that carry over as we were. but i think the rest of phones were still quite disappointed if at the end of this nothing had changed yet. bellagio was to be very clear housing to him and his fees paused about, far left a grouping. he said that he doesn't want any of these back door negotiations. he was very clear, precise conversations to be had in the open because it's time for that sort of holes trading is. oh, but do you think that the, the time for holes trading is over that this moment in french history has been so very difficult to everybody to get over that they have to talk very clearly and openly about what the direction of the front is goes and as i think there's an elements of which we're thinking on those parts because he's also gr i'm standing

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to to try and build the case. so he's claiming victory that's on the left of on the selection and our should be allowed to, to get on with that. but the one i know nobody has one. and then you have a few seats more than the presidential policy. so, negotiations are going to have to take place. i shouldn't take any policy complained to go from. so i don't know what those negotiations are as effective as they take place in the public domain remains to be seen. i think what middle shall realizes, is that the nation's best negotiations is going to be the sense of trying to touch the rest of the left away from the far left and towards the center. which is obviously something that no choice came to resist. and i think his bar uses whatever anyone says in public class was going to be sent in private. so obviously trying to keep everything else and you know, it would benefit him, but maybe not everybody else. how much of a sort of print quote pro was the issue of candidates being withdrawal from certain

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constituencies because that has made an impact positive on the way this vote has gone. that has made a big impact. um, now the russian and also both sorts in doing that switch to broke the fall of rights rather than as positive. the a stronger. that's where the lions and the next it down. pretty much all of the candidates where they felt the baby. i had this in the rice could enable the far right to in the sense that we're a little bit more quizzical. they still did start the majority of the candidates where they, they were says placed and where the far right could win. but they were less willing to support or less confidence and that was a slight bone of contention. interesting time. certainly in the next few days i had for the baby. right. but, but we thank so much for joining us from london. okay. or the

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well as the will and goes and does a 9 month, israel's minute trill priced as killed another 50 full pilot studies in various parts of the strip. the goal is to health industries as 38153 people have been killed since october. the 7th. hundreds of palestinian families have been said leaving the eastern districts in kansas city, the city of paris to show people fleeing the homes and shelves of the northern gauze. on sunday. reports of new evacuation orders by these wally ministry fighting and showing in the cause of city have intensified in recent weeks. palestine journalist abraham l. kelly o said this report from the area we are here in the center of the city. as you can see, the displays from the black neighborhood officers, the minister operation expanded, just like now, like the you have been landing as well. also our lives as a result. you in minutes of the neighborhood, as you can hear, mag,

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gun stuck on the neighborhood. like all of your area is just upside down. also just to air strikes, pulling down the rest of the neighborhood. i thought i'd never heard of the back you wish or got into the system does not have carpets on them. we would say in a high and when we suck any hot shows food in around us, and they told us to leave the area. so we left immediately, we did not carry off the clothes, just carried our children and run. we have nowhere to go. we don't even have blankets. what can we do when we got displaced? and then 2 weeks later, we displaced the guns. civilians have nowhere to see the suffering continue. this means all they have no place to go to it as well as, as the protest as a valley didn't tell the v for a 2nd consecutive day, the rest of the problem in this opinion. and that's the only way to secure a deal for the release of his way to capt has helped him. garza public pressure has

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been mounting on the yahoo and his cabinet. his office has released a statement saying any potential deal should allow as well to resume fine say that these right and government has done thousands of proposing in the countries to whom the salute is reporting from a month in day bring. jordan is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu, whose office releasing a statement with several non negotiable is when it comes to securing a deal for a ceasefire. the 1st thing on that list, he says, is that israel will continue the war until all of the objectives are met. even if a deal is secured, the list went on to say that there will be no sort of weapons smuggling from egypt for a mass. and that israel will try to maximize the number of captives that are released as part of the deal. and finally quotes, he says no thousands of armed terrorist will be returning to northern cause it's not really clear exactly what he meant by that. but we do know one of the things that him asked and the palestinian people themselves have been asking for,

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is to return to what's left of northern garza in a deal after much of it was destroyed by these really military notice. and y'all, who has maintained that military pressure and drop off is one of the reasons why him asked, was willing to come to the table and restart these negotiations for a deal. but remember that nothing yahoo is under immense pressure both domestically and internationally domestically these really public se, but he should resign. there should be new elections because he is neither capable nor willing to secure a deal. and in fact, recent polling shows that 70 percent of respond and say that's be bringing back up . the captive is more important than the rest of the war objectives. and we're seeing this in continued protests across israel, in places like west russo. i'm tell a vive and heifer right outside of netanyahu's whole, but nonetheless, these really premier says, but military pressure is the only way to bring about their release from the central woods. as it all has below has the barrels of rockets from level into the

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old of israel, the israel's, i'll be says the attack stocks, it's 5 and the city of various, at least one that has been injured is really a strengths on such as they hit the town of by through the tie in southern level, the casualties have been reported. a well still head, hey, on the xerox sections of the war crimes in north western medium box. but the ministry is accused of bombing schools and churches killing civilians. the in depth analysis of the days headlines. does this mean that it slots out to donald trump? now? i don't think so. and it could even help trump in the general election. i think even people that don't like trump part, looking at this as selected justice or weapon ization of the justice system. frank assessments the 5th stage, both ukraine's a pro 10 most close approach. thought that a 100 percent different at this moment,

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no one can build ups is reached inside story. on al jazeera, i am very delighted by stating that all the confidence, brightest illegals students putting minds against and this means in africa would really be interesting to see how we miss uh, gathered together for tournament. unlike any other happy, medium expressing meaning the as we can cause a human and people rise is now in session with new africa, new on out is era. the challenges era with the

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the book about 2 up see how does it relate to who, rob, nevermind, of all told stories results from the 2nd round of frances parliamentary elections. j. the last 2 lines is leading with the highest number of seats, but the left block is fully shows but up sleep majority. meanwhile, the far right natural valley is trailing the place. hundreds of palestinians families have been seen leaving the eastern districts of dawes associates, other articles of evacuation. notice from these right, the ministry finding and selling it. and the cause of city has intensified in the past week. thousands of protest as it is right and have rallied in tennessee for a 2nd consecutive day that you can probably disability with that to be only to secure a deal for the release of these ready count tips held in garza. us present,

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joe biden has been campaigning, it'd be critical swing stays of pennsylvania. well, he focused his attention at the message on african american voters 5 and has doubled down on his intention to run for the white house in spite of a grubbing course. a voice has been able to step aside. so that's another democratic challenge. donald trump, either jo, castrated a pool. so from the state capital philadelphia to don't let anybody talk about your age, your young whippersnapper introduced as a young whippersnapper and only enough to genario and by a church and bishop in his ninety's, joe biden, age, 81 embraced the opportunity to be the younger man for once, during the make or break moment in his campaign, i know with every fiber in my brain, i know i will look on 40 years old, but i've been around the bush of our talking about that check turn

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40. okay. decide. you know, i've been doing this a long time and i, honest to god, have never more optimistic about america's future. if we stick together, bite in glance down at notes and spoke for less than 10 minutes before an african american congregation and mount airy church in philadelphia, the crowd was mostly adoring. i thought it was a wonderful start when we're looking for 4 more years. but there were also cracks. did you watch the debate last? we yes. what do you think? i was very disappointed in the debate, but like you said, when you try it out and you get up with a growing number of democrats, have called for biden to step aside for someone else to leave. the ticket for the president has vowed to stay put that's despite a recent poll showing donald trump now leading biden by 9 points among registered voters. as i see here, smoking occurs to come out before the several parishioners we spoke to said they

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would be happy as vice president, cala harris became the party nominee for president. this woman says she is undecided between trump invited. are you at all disappointed in his 1st term? kind of yes, yes, i am. by what i mean. i mean look at the academy is, is like everything is seemed like everything is all messed up. everything is high. it just is crazy. it's been argued that black voters in the swing state of pennsylvania helped delivered by them to the white house in 2020. but ever since support for him among african americans has been eroding. they seem to think that they did better on the truck, and i don't know why i didn't. under biden unemployment is down in household wells is up among black americans. yet his campaign has struggled to energize this for group of voters, compounded by doubts about his age. highly jo, castro, alj

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a 0 philadelphia, pull to being closed in some areas evacuated as the state of texas, braces the store barrel. the barrel is threatening to become a higher risk, and once again is it makes land full of monday a previously reach the highest category, 5 hurricane strength. when it tools with the carrier being leaving at least 11 people that have this international pause release to report, revealing that it calls reckless shipments of jet fuel to me about the human rights organization says supplies in china and singapore and the united arab emirates have trouble deliveries through vietnam to avoid detection in special sanctions on jet fuel to me and mazda bill of tree. but introduce to stop by real attacks on civilian populations. but it's tiny chain reports they've had little impact. the ruins of some piece of the baptist church and can village so gang northwest to me and it's been on touch since january on the 1st sunday of the year,

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the ministry found it and the school next to killing 17 civilians including 9 children. that is sunday, they don't know about the play. they are leaving at the whole family. but immediately the bottom from the sky. and the much of the village was also destroyed in several other rates that day over several hours. most minute treat the noise responsibility. but amnesty international says launching an attack at a time and place where they new people will be gathering with no military target. nearby is clear evidence of a crime where the term war crime comes in. it's just the the, the lack of care to distinguish between combatants and civilians and the they have to know that civilians will die when they are launching is attacks. the militarist,

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used its power to terrible effect in april last year. composites the village also in this the going region find a jet in the handicapped of gum ships, protect. they killed a 165 people. it was just one of countless assaults on, on civilian, since the military too, will lose responsible, ever faced justice. that is certainly, i think, a hot topic or, or topic of discussion among them are people who feel let down by international mechanisms of international bodies. however, they do exist and, and they have been effective in the past assemblies of normal life has returned to can. the area is now under control of resistance forces, opposed to military rule. and school has started again. but the children still wear the danger from the sky. tony chang out to 0 as a subject of west african leaders has ended. and the non shipping capital with

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a is of this integration and lots of ministry rulers, from the georgia. molly and the key, the fastest, that's up a new alliance to viable regional bulk echo us. and the address of pulls from the nigerian capital a boucher echoes. leaders arrived at this time between a board. you are aware that the future of the 50 year old organization is under frank waiting. what's talk, today's meeting of its 3 break away members in neighboring the chair. but the strongest position of the board just i'm, it wasn't from echoes. it came from the african union. the withdrawal by 3 countries is unacceptable to the african, you know, we believe in one echo us burkina faso monday and this year and almost a withdrawal from a course earlier this year. after being suspended in the week of the recent military course, now formed their own secure to block, called the alliance of the house state. it's not clear how much that costs can do

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to address the challenge post by the departure of the 3 states. what says that withdrawal could be costly, so the plan of that part, you come this withdrawal will also affect the travel and immigration conditions of citizens. these 3 countries, because they'll now have to take steps to obtain a visa before traveling to the sub region. citizens of these countries may no longer be able to reside or freely established businesses under the facilities put in place by echo us and may be subject to various national laws. you says that cause is concerned about how the region has been turned into us. the utopian mutual political libraries and this information, of course, and the alliance of the health states tend to lose. if not, i'm going to switch soon. the regional block could lose phase and credibility as a group that keeps its members in check for its poppy alliance of the health states may not condo free market access, travel, and regional support on the local and global states, which is complicated to desire for

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a free and vibrant association to rival the echoes break and we country seem to have made up their mind at the summit, initiate the i remain convinced that in the current to do a political context, the alliance of the health states is the only grouping, especially a regional one that is effective in the fight against terrorism. as echo us is conspicuous by its lack of involvement and this fight, depending on how it goes and then use a whole alliance proceed the next few months would be critical to not only regional stability, but also the future of democracy in west africa. how many degrees i would use either of the hundreds or canyons have gathered for a memorial concepts of people killed an antique government protests. they planted white process with the names of at least $39.00 people who were killed last month in confrontations with police. the protests for gays proposed tax increases which preston but every time i meet you at the sky,

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and i say the weather is next to the inside story examines what's behind the creation of the alliance of health states to stay with the color of flooding rights continued to be a problem across the northern parts of china, say the may, your, from the stays know, raise the ground to continue posing the way in across a similar area. drag that rope of cloud and right across the korean peninsula. heavy rain coming in across a similar area inside the will be the flooding for the problems to come as we go through the next couple of die, south career saves and pretty live you down pool of southern half of japan. well, the heats the extreme heat humidity remains an issue as we go on through monday going into tuesday. last hop is still pretty uncomfortable for the most part. still

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plenty of showers coming in across a similar area south is how do they stand? we drive, you might just got to shower, to towards the fall south of china. taiwan, seeing a few scattered showers, could scattering the showers. meanwhile, across a good part of south east asia, of the west. the weather, coming out to the small try pushing. acosta was born in any of showers around in the heat so that i particularly across the philippines and showers, that continuing for condo china, india, also saying some live yourselves. i'm hoping that the uh what to whether the flooding rains up towards the northern plains will ease off a little white boarding, subbing downgraded, but the heavy rain continues to bundle the dash and the final taste of the football enjoyed by funds across the world. but it also played an important role in challenging colonial rule. and now tyria ensued on the mission of the clock. what's the point out is there

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a well tells the powerful story of how footballs became more than just to support and the fights against the french and purchase colonial authorities against the initial executive and one think section the rebel game out, jerry. and so dawn on al jazeera, they left echo are saying it's influenced by foreign countries. now, these year molly and 14 of us, so have set up their own blog calling at the alliance of 2nd states. but what's behind their new agreement? and what impact will it have on the wider regions? this is inside sort the .

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