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Legacy Expeditions Co-Founder & "Triple 7" Documentary Subject / Retired Navy Seal & Enlisted Recon Marine and Scout-Sniper | Chief Impact Officer, Folds of Honor

Mike Sarraille
Founder and CEO, Talent War Group; Co-founder,Legacy Expeditions
Mike Sarrailleis a retired US Navy SEAL officer, enlisted Recon Marine and Scout-Sniper, and the Amazon best-selling co-author of two books. An established and sought-after keynote speaker, Mike works with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies on principles of leadership, high-performing teams, entrepreneurship, and living a life of balance and purpose. He is a Global Gurus Top 30 Leadership Speaker and leads Men’s Journal's largest initiative, theMen’s JournalEveryday Warrior.
Mike is the founder and CEO ofTalent War Group, a successful management consulting and executive search firm, and ATTA, a lifestyle and apparel brand focused on community and born out of his Everyday Warrior concept. Whether speaking at a conference, leading his team, or helping others achieve success, Mike taps into the lessons and skills he developed in the military leading Tier One Special Operations Teams.
This summer, “Triple 7: They Said It Couldn’t Be Done” documentary film hits theaters. The film follows a team of nine former U.S. and Canadian special operations service members as they attempt to achieve skydiving’s most elusive feat, the Triple 7— seven skydives on seven continents in seven days. Spearheaded by retired Navy SEAL Marine Mike Sarraille, the film aims to raise $7 million forFolds of Honor.
During his 20-year career, he served as a Recon Marine, Scout-Sniper, and retired as a U.S. Navy SEAL Officer. Much of his career was spent in the Special Operations community, including the elite Joint Special Operations Command. Along with his careers in the military and business, Mike co-authored the best-selling books, “The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent” and “The Everyday Warrior: A No-hack, Practical Approach to Life”, and enjoys a partnership withMen’s Journalas columnist and host of “The Everyday Warrior” series and podcast.

TRIPLE 7:Triple 7 is a record-breaking, adrenaline-fueled adventure following a group of former Special operations soldiers on a 7-day epic journey across 7 continents to raise 1,400 life-changing scholarships in support of thefamilies of fallen and disabled service members and first responders.


  • the much-anticipated documentary "Triple 7: They Said It Couldn't Be Done," directed and produced byDan Myrick("The Blair Witch Project") and produced byKristian Krempel, premiered in five cities in May.
  • The film follows a team of nine former U.S. and Canadian special operations service members as they attempt to achieve skydiving's most elusive feat, the Triple 7— seven skydives on seven continents in seven days. Spearheaded by retired Navy SEAL Mike Sarraille, the film aims to raise$7 millionforFolds of Honor.
  • the Triple 7 expedition serves as the backdrop, highlighting retired members from elite units such as the 75th Ranger Regiment, Navy SEALs, Navy EOD, Canadian JTF-2, and Marine Scout-Snipers. These veterans, each with around 20 years of service and several dozen combat deployments amongst them, continue to push their limits, embodying a military mantra of ‘Do Hard Thing,’ almost impossible tasks, pushing themselves beyond their mental and physical limits to foster true learning and growth.
  • The documentary showcases not only their stories of the impact of twenty years at war but also their dedication and commitment to remembering their fallen comrades. Each of the seven jumps is dedicated to a fallen U.S. military service member, ensuring their sacrifices are neither forgotten nor taken for granted. This act of remembrance aligns deeply with the words of Ronald Reagan: "Those who say that we're in a time when there are no heroes, just don’t know where to look." Indeed, the sloping hills of Arlington National Cemetery and the actions of those selfless service members who paid the ultimate price, remind us where true heroism resides.


We may no longer wear the uniform, but our mission is still the same:supporting our brothers and sisters-in-arms.All that’s changed is what that support looks like.

  • Fund 1,400 scholarships and raise awareness in support of Folds of Honor
  • Show the world that American combat veterans who served during the Global War on Terrorism continue serving selflessly and with humility
  • Increase the visibility of our amazing sponsors and highlight their commitment to our veterans
  • Lay the groundwork for future extreme expeditions aimed at facilitating the mental and spiritual reawakening of the countless veterans in need

At Legacy Expeditions, our ‘Why’ is deeply rooted in the conviction that the stories of our servicemen and women are not merely tales of duty but are foundational narratives that shape our national character and personal freedoms. We honor our fallen and living service members because they embody the selflessness and courage that form the bedrock of our society. Our expeditions seek to illuminate these stories, providing a lens through which the broader public can glimpse the profound sacrifices made and the extraordinary valor displayed.

Each journey we undertake is more than an adventure; it’s a pilgrimage in remembrance and a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who served. By sharing their experiences, we forge an enduring legacy that transcends the individual and resonates with universal themes of heroism, resilience, and the human capacity for sacrifice. This is our tribute to the men and women in uniform, past and present—an ongoing commitment to ensure that their contributions are never forgotten and that the freedoms they fought for are celebrated and preserved for all time.

Huckabee Guests | Huckabee.TV (2024)
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