dustless floor sanding systemDustless Hardwood Floor Sanding Process

Have you ever had your floors refinished and there was dust everywhere?

Have you postponed floor refinishing because you know you will have to spend time and money cleaning the excess dust?

Higgins Floors is proud to offer a Dustless Floor Sanding process that eliminates almost all of the dust created by floor sanding. Sanding hardwood floors used to create a massive dust storm. Our Dustless Floor Sanding Process eliminates 98% of the dust created. The Dustless System uses powerful vacuums attached to all sanding equipment, extracting the dust from the work site.

The result is a healthier, dust-free environment for homeowners during floor sanding projects.

So for those who have allergies, or are concerned about cleanliness, please inquire about our Dustless Floor Sanding Process.


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